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You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow

You're Gonna Love Tomorrow

This is an ISO 6400 image shot last night of a commuter presumably on her way home from work.

I try not to use the 135mm on the London Underground because it can be difficult to get a high shutter speed but it was too late to change lens.

This was shot at f/2.2 with a shutter speed of 1/250 seconds at ISO 6400. AF was lousy due to the dark hair / dark overcoat.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t clean up the noise in Lightroom; the same picture from Digital Photo Professional (DPP) was so much cleaner and if this was professional work, I would have processed this with DPP for the client but I have gone with the Lightroom version for this blog.

Update: After writing the above, I downloaded and installed Neat Image to clean up this picture.


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