Edinburgh: One More Thing

26 Jan

13 December 2014

The coach back to London was scheduled to leave at 2145 hours on Saturday 13 December so I spent the last few hours wandering the streets. There was no point in taking more photos as the night sky was very dark, very black and the street lights just weren’t as bright as the ones in London. London Skies are brownish at night . . . I don’t remember them being black.

I kept an eye out for a Costa Coffee Shop but they were closed so I settled for Starbucks somewhere at the Corner of George Street and North Castle Street where the nice young lady gave my Hot Chocolate Drink to the guy next to me while I got his Latte (we didn’t notice the mix-up till we sipped; he tried to complain, couldn’t get her attention and left with the Chocolate while I left with his Latte).

There was a quiet room downstairs (at Starbucks) so I played with my iPad and downloaded the day’s steps from my Jaw band.

Didn’t get much sleep because the bus vibrates a lot but the Step Count is a personal best.



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