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Climbing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
13 December 2014

A view of Edinburgh towards the Sea with the Sunrise reflecting off Edinburgh. This was my first trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and I was there for the day having travelled overnight by coach.

I could not identify the landmarks when I climbed the hill but now I recognise Edinburgh Castle (towards the left of the image) and The Hub (the pointy Steep) with the sea towards Leigh. I hope to show a picture of Edinburgh Castle and another one of The Hub in this series.

I think I picked the wrong trail; I could not get to the top of the summit because there was a patch of ice on my trail which looked slippery and treacherous so I turned back (this was early morning as the sun was rising). I will try posting one or two more views before I turned back.



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Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
13 December 2014

The hill in the background is called Arthur’s Seat (I think?).



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London When it Snows: Trafalgar Square

London When it Snows: Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square, London
18 January 2013



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London Bankside: Street along the Thames

London Bankside: Street along the Thames
Bankside, London
6 January 2013

(I thought I had this online but I can’t find it now)

Bankside:  Street along the bank of the Thames

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London Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Greenwich, London
21 April 2007

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel crosses beneath the River Thames in East London, linking Greenwich in the south with the Isle of Dogs to the north.


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The Shard

The Shard
Thames Path, London
08 May 2014


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London When it Snows (December 2009)

London When it Snows (December 2009)
Westfield, Shepherds Bush, London
17 December 2009



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