Dropped the camera, Broke the lens

17 Feb

Dropped the camera, Broke the lens

I dropped my camera with the 17-40L Lens on day 22 and I thought that the lens had survived the impact.

I was wrong; I have used the lens since day 22 but it really needed a more concentrated light source such as street lights to highlight the damage done to the lens.

The damage is on the right side of the picture and you will notice that the street lights on the right side are flaring badly while the ones on the left are unaffected.

I first noticed this last week but I was shooting wide open at f/4 so I dismissed it. Then I noticed it again on Day 46 when I was shooting at f/16 (the flare has been cropped out).

Well, this image was taken on Day 47 and I had to switch to the Fish Eye lens in order to complete my shooting.

I don’t know if the lens can be repaired; apart from the flare, the image quality is still very good.

If I cannot repair it, then it looks like I shall have to replace it.

(By the way, this is Leadenhall Market in the City of London)

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One response to “Dropped the camera, Broke the lens

  1. wow

    September 11, 2008 at 4:43 am

    Wow, beautiful picture, but Unless you can buy another broken camera to take parts from (Lens) then it is rather expensive to have it repaired. Buying a new 1 is about all you can do.



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