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From Kayode Okeyode: Guinevere


Shot through a shop window on King’s Road, Chelsea

The movie playing on the overhead projector is “Miracle on 34th Street”

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From Kayode Okeyode: Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge


From Kayode Okeyode: Rush



From Kayode Okeyode: Victoria Embankment at Twilight (Tuesday 28 February 2006)

Victoria Embankment at Twilight (Tuesday 28 February)

This is another of the twilight shots taken on 28 February; it will be the last one from that series which I will be putting online because it got dark shortly after.

This was taken from the same location as the others but unfortunately, I didn’t have the reach/view-point necessary to create the composition I really wanted.

I finally got round to cleaning my sensor today; I couldn’t get rid of all the dust but the camera is usable for the time being and I no longer have any excuse for not taking pictures in the last two weeks.

From WikiPedia’s entry on Victorial Embankment:

The Victoria Embankment, is part of the Thames Embankment, a road and walkway along the north bank of the River Thames in London. Victoria Embankment extends from the City of Westminster into the City of London.

It was completed in 1870 under the direction of Joseph Bazalgette, and was a project of the Metropolitan Board of Works. The original impetus was the need to provide London with a modern sewerage system. Another major consideration was the relief of congestion on The Strand and Fleet Street.

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